Solid Converter Mac 2.1.8186.72 macOS

Solid Converter Mac 2.1.8186.72 macOS | 115 Mb
PDF to Office conversion made easy: convert PDF to Microsoft Word, Excel, and more with Solid Converter Mac! Turn your PDFs into Word documents you can edit. Solid Converter Mac converts PDF files into Microsoft® Word (.docx), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or plain text files (.txt). Extract data to Excel (.xlsx and .csv). Convert PDFs into PowerPoint presentations. Reflow document into continuous HTML (.htm) format.


Screens 4.6.3 Multilingual macOS

Screens 4.6.3 Multilingual | macOS | 21 mb
Streamlined and powerful VNC utility designed to provide you with all the tools you need to remotely connect to your devices from your Mac


Red Giant Shooter Suite 13.1.8 macOS

Red Giant Shooter Suite 13.1.8 macOS | 212 Mb
Red Giant Shooter Suite is a set of tools that gives you the freedom to shoot the way you want, with the confidence that your footage will make it from your camera to the editing timeline safe, sound and in sync.


Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.11 macOS

Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite 13.0.11 macOS | 131 MB
Magic Bullet Suite 13 - Color correction, finishing and film looks for filmmakers. Magic Bullet Suite is a set of seven tools that bring intuitive, real time color correction, and beyond, right to your editorial timeline.


Recordam 1.3.3 macOS

Recordam 1.3.3 | macOS | 7 mb
Recordam, an elegant and easy-to-use application for recording audio, lets you create a new record in one click. It combines a powerful high-quality audio recorder and convenient storage for recorded audio files.


PictureCode Photo Ninja 1.3.7 macOS

PictureCode Photo Ninja 1.3.7 | macOS | 44 mb
Distinctive image quality: Photo Ninja is a professional-grade RAW converter that delivers exceptional detail, outstanding image quality, and a distinctive, natural look. If you think this is "just another RAW converter", you're in for a surprise. Photo Ninja is truly special, with unique capabilities for improving and optimizing your digital images.


Phase One Capture One Pro 11.3.1 Multilingual macOS

Phase One Capture One Pro 11.3.1 (e09a033) Multilingual macOS | 322 Mb
Capture One continues to lead the way in RAW file image editing. Expertise from creating customized color profiles for more than 400 cameras, combined with our relentless dedication to creative freedom has brought recognition to Capture One's workflow, our exceptional color handling, and precision editing tools.


PDFelement Express 0.6.3 macOS

PDFelement Express 0.6.3 Multilingual | macOS | 19 mb
The fast and simple PDF editor for Mac Whether you want to read, edit, or annotate PDFs, PDFelement Express has it all, without the unnecessary filler. Create stunning documents and express your ideas clearly. PDFelement Express for Mac offers a seamless scrolling experience.

OmmBits 1.2.0 macOS

OmmBits 1.2.0 | macOS | 91 mb
OmmBits is an instant access to a minimal world where you can better isolate your thoughts and focus on your words. Like a very short teleportation. Like a note taking app in a more minimal and relaxing space. Almost as if you could write with your eyes closed. We imagine OmmBits as a copy/paste canvas.


Multitouch 1.7.3 macOS

Multitouch 1.7.3 macOS | 13.4 MB
Easily add gestures to macOS. Multitouch lets you tie a custom action to a specific magic trackpad or magic mouse gesture. For example, a three finger click can execute a paste. Improve your workflow by executing keyboard shortcuts, controlling your browser's tabs, performing a middle mouse click, and much more.