Mellel 4.1.1 Multilingual macOS

Mellel 4.1.1 Multilingual | macOS | 104 mb
Mellel is the leading word processor for OS X and has been widely considered the industry standard for long form documents since its inception. Mellel focuses on writers and scholars for technical writing and multilingual word processing. It offers special tools to help you write and organize long documents easily.

Marked 2.5.16 macOS

Marked 2.5.16 | macOS | 42 mb
Marked 2 is a previewer (not an editor) for Markdown, MultiMarkdown and other text markup languages. It updates live every time you save your document in your favorite text editor, comes with writing analysis tools, and is powerfully flexible.

Live Home 3D Standard Edition 3.3.4 Multilingual macOS

Live Home 3D: Standard Edition 3.3.4 Multilingual | macOS | 332 mb
Live Home 3D, a successor to Live Interior 3D, is the powerful yet intuitive home design software that lets you build the house of your dreams right on your Mac. It doesn't matter whether you're a homeowner who is planning some upcoming home improvements or a professional interior designer trying to bridge the gap between ideas and visualization. Live Home 3D can help you.

Jixipix Watercolor Studio Pro 1.2.5 macOS

Jixipix Watercolor Studio Pro 1.2.5 | macOS | 512 mb
Automated Photo to Watercolor Software with Realistic and Natural Style
Watercolor Studio creates fluid, liquidy, translucent watercolors with paint that flows naturally. Built on-top of an incredible rendering system that uses real-world techniques, this application does the initial work, producing a watercolor instantly, then allows you to customize your paintings using an array of Sliders, Layers, Brushes, Color Washes and Artistic finishes.

JixiPix Pastello Pro 1.1.5 macOS

JixiPix Pastello Pro 1.1.5 | macOS | 216 mb
Pastello makes it simple and convenient to take an image and change it into Pastel, Chalk, Charcoal, Crayon, Colored Pencil and Graphite drawings. Use alone or combine these medias using powerful layers to produce interesting expressive sketch effects filled with colorful personality and passion. And the best part is Pastello does all the work
JixiPix Artista Impresso Pro 1.8.4 macOS

JixiPix Artista Impresso Pro 1.8.4 | macOS | 90 mb
For professionals who like creative control we give you Smart Layers and brushes for blending multiple paint styles, a library of Edges that blend beautifully with canvas, a Background Paint effect to create distances, a Soft Paint effect for enhancing foreground subjects, an Aged Paint effect for adding craquelure to paintings, and an ultra-impressionism effect called Tache to cover paintings with broken brush strokes.

iTranslate Translator 1.4.7 Multilingual macOS

iTranslate Translator 1.4.7 Multilingual | macOS | 16 mb
iTranslate, the most popular translator tool on the App Store, now also on your Mac.
iTranslate for Mac puts 90+ languages at your fingertips. It is designed as a status bar app that is always just one click or keystroke away to help you solve any translation problem.

Boxshot 4 Ultimate 4.14.2 macOS

Boxshot 4 Ultimate 4.14.2 macOS | 114 MB
Realistic 3D Mockups Made Easy. Boxshot features 50+ customizable shapes and renders them so realistically that customers may think they are seeing a photo of the actual product. Boxshot features a large selection of customizable shapes: software boxes; hardbound and paperback books; magazines; CD, DVD, and Blu-ray boxes; cards, cans, mugs; bags; and much more.

BookMacster 2.8.1 macOS

BookMacster 2.8.1 | macOS | 19 mb
Organize and manage bookmarks, sync across browsers.
BookMacster is a bookmarks manager for your Mac, which plays nicely with iCloud, Sign In to Chrome, and Firefox Sync.

Be Focused Pro - Focus Timer 1.7.3 Multilingual macOS

Be Focused Pro - Focus Timer 1.7.3 Multilingual | macOS | 21 mb
Be Focused Pro - Focus Timer & Goal Tracker
Staying on task seems is a real challenge for our screen-bound generation. The Be Focused lets you get things done by breaking up individual tasks among discrete intervals, separated by short breaks. It's a surprisingly effective way to retain motivation and focus.

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