RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection
RDS-Knight Ultimate Protection Multilingual | 5.6 Mb
When it comes to exposing Remote Desktop Protocol to direct connections, you need a solid secure server to protect your systems against remote attackers. Due to the innovative techniques available for modern cyber-criminals and a use-after-free vulnerability in the Microsoft solution, hackers from all across the globe can easily access login credentials anywhere at all, carry out ransomware attacks and run arbitrary code on the targeted systems.


RarmaRadio Pro 2.72.2 Multilingual
RarmaRadio Pro 2.72.2 Multilingual | 12.8 Mb
RaimaRadio allows you to listen to and record radio stations from around the world. While listening to your favorite radio stationyou can record it anytime you want. Browse through the radio stations or just select a random station and enjoy Internet radio! You have total control over your radio stations allowing you to add or delete a station anytime you want. Need to play a station from another applicaton then just enable global hotkeys and control it anytime. With RarmaRadio you can receive and record thousands of radio stations available on the Internet.


RadioMaximus Pro 2.23.9 Multilingual
RadioMaximus Pro 2.23.9 Multilingual | 38.6 Mb
Maximum radio and a whole lot more. With RadioMaximus you can receive and record thousands of radio stations available on the Internet.


QILING Disk Master Professional / Server / Technician 4.7.1 Build 20190208 Multilingual
QILING Disk Master Professional / Server / Technician 4.7.1 Build 20190208 Multilingual | 78.7 Mb
The biggest nightmare for a computer user is data loss and system crash, once happened, reliable and up-to-date backups are extremely necessary and important. QILING Disk Master covers all the needs to recover your lost data and restore crashed systems in minutes. It's advanced and reliable data backup & system disaster recovery software for home office and business desktops and laptops. It enables users to perform self-service backup operation with comprehensive full/differential/incremental backup.


Program4Pc Video Converter Pro 9.8.8 Multilingual
Program4Pc Video Converter Pro 9.8.8 Multilingual | 70.6 Mb
Easy, fast, and reliable video converter which supports and converts a huge array of video formats. This video converter is unique because you can do more than just convert videos, you can change screen resolution, audio codec, and frame rate so that you really are master of what you watch. Personalize video by doing trim, crop, adjust colors and applying effects, extract audio from video and save it separately to various formats, even convert video specifically to major Web standard formats.


priPrinter Professional Beta
priPrinter Professional Beta | 4.75 MB
priPrinter is a printer driver that allows you to manipulate printer output before it is printed. priPrinter is installed and selected in the same way as other printer drivers. After printing it automatically displays print preview where you can preview your printings, change layout, reposition pages, crop them and many more. After that you print it to the real printer or save your document for later using. With priPrinter you always will be sure how your printings will look.


PictureCode Photo Ninja 1.3.7a (x64)
PictureCode Photo Ninja 1.3.7a (x64) | 22 Mb
Photo Ninja is a professional-grade RAW converter that delivers exceptional detail, outstanding image quality, and a distinctive, natural look. If you think this is "just another RAW converter", you're in for a surprise. Photo Ninja is truly special, with unique capabilities for improving and optimizing your digital images. Click on the items below to learn more about this powerful tool, and read why serious photographers are adopting it into their workflows.


PassMark MemTest86 Pro 8.1 Build 1000
PassMark MemTest86 Pro 8.1 Build 1000 | 8.6 MB
Memtest86 is considered by the majority of the hardware testing community the number one application when it comes to defective RAM sticks. The answer to the question regarding the working state of the installed memory modules comes fast with Memtest86 and that is what matters the most besides the certainty of the verdict.


Ontrack EasyRecovery Photo for Windows Professional  Technician Multilingual
Ontrack EasyRecovery Photo for Windows Professional / Technician Multilingual | 47.5/73 Mb
Recovers photos from digital cameras, memory cards, SD cards, USB Sticks/Flash drive, external, and internal hard drives. With improved support for FAT32, ExFAT and NTFS file systems, the software allows recovery process to be initiated for a logical drive, physical disk, attached external storage media, or a saved image file.


Office Timeline+
Office Timeline+ | 16.7 Mb
Quickly create professional project visuals that showcase your work and impress customers, colleagues, and managers. Office Timeline is the only Gantt chart and timeline maker software built for Knowledge Workers, right inside Microsoft PowerPoint. It easily produces elegant Gantt charts and timelines that no other application can match.

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