SturmSounds-Electro Turner MK 2 KONTAKT
SturmSounds-Electro Turner MK 2 KONTAKT | 248 Mb
Creating loops never was so easy and effective in KONTAKT. Turner mk 2 - instant loop machine. Interactive multi talent. Sample slicer beat machine. Remix tool. 10 sequnecer types open new ways of sample-seqeuncing. Create loops or remix existing ideas. Made for inspiring musical experiences.


SturmSounds Melancholia KONTAKT
SturmSounds Melancholia KONTAKT | 1.71 Gb
MELANCHOLIA - long played atmospheric accordion + metallophon. Typical and untypical accordion sounds: bass, chords, melody. Articulation: long slow, tremolo, fastplay, softplay, staccato ect... fx, atmospheres, metallophon. Controls: keynoise, release-fx, attack, release, filter, lofi. Reverb-Control, Soundmenu, Impulseloader.


SturmSounds Barbados KONTAKT
SturmSounds Barbados KONTAKT | 523 Mb
BARBADOS - rusty steelpan. Original steeldrum from Barbados (played normal & unusal). Authentic live sound. Played with: hands, rubber sticks, wood sticks, brushes. Time and tone machine controls / various sound design patches. Round robin.


SturmSounds Altenburg KONTAKT
SturmSounds Altenburg KONTAKT | 510 Mb
ALTENBURG - dark upright piano & much more. Typical and untypical upright sounds for score and film music. Also patches : bowed, pizzicato, hammered, percussion, fx, atmospheres, ostinati, loops. Controls: keynoise, release-fx, keyattack. Reverb-Control, Soundmenu, Impulseloader.


Stigmatized Productions Stigmatized Drummer v1.1 KONTAKT
Stigmatized Productions Stigmatized Drummer v1.1 KONTAKT | 4.55 Gb
Stigmatized Drummer is a high-end metal oriented Drumming Library. Recorded under an exhaustive detail it provides the real deal. After trying and testing every possible setup, mic placement, and tuning the results are phenomenal. Real organic, full cracking and "just in your face" sound.


Soundtrax Minipoly v2 KONTAKT
Soundtrax Minipoly v2 KONTAKT | 286 Mb
The Minipoly contains amazing raw analogue and tape oscillator samples, great filters, a chord system and six effects. The TAPE SAW OSC are long sawtooth waves recorded for each key on tape of a Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo. You can hear wow and flutter and even tape dropouts - quite similar to a Mellotron. The SAW OSC, Square OSC and White Noise waves are directly recorded minimoog samples - and sound much crisper than the 'taped' waves.


Sound Yeti Collision FX KONTAKT
Sound Yeti Collision FX KONTAKT | 10.2 Gb
Collision FX - Cinematic Scoring Tool delivers an exceptional palette of sounds to design, compose, score, sweeten and create astonishingly impressive cinematic elements that absolutely get noticed. Create breathtaking cinematic sounds, hybrid sound effects and orchestrated elements with ease. Includes KONTAKT Player - Nothing else to buy - Ready to use out of the box.


Premier Sound Factory Drum Tree KONTAKT
Premier Sound Factory Drum Tree KONTAKT | 15.3 Gb
Drum Tree is the flagship drum sound library of professional virtual instrument makers Premier Sound Factory, and is the work of a sound engineer who has spent 20 years seeking the essential elements of what makes a top class piece of music.


Perfect Kits Vintage Rhodes XL KONTAKT
Perfect Kits Vintage Rhodes XL KONTAKT | 1.08 Gb
Vintage Rhodes XL is a stunningly realistic sound of a classic instrument, performed with exceptional detail, which will definitely take a special place in each musician collection. Flexible tuning of the instrument will help you to use it in compositions of any genre, no matter what it is Blues, Soul, RnB, Pop or Modern directions of music.


Perfect Kits Trap Brass XL KONTAKT
Perfect Kits Trap Brass XL KONTAKT | 1.31 Gb
Perfestkits brings to your attention its new library for Kontakt - Trap Brass XL. This is an amazing sound, great detail and just an indispensable musical instrument for your collection. The sound you've been looking for!

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