Denise Audio Bad Tape v1.0.1 WiN OSX
Denise Audio Bad Tape v1.0.1 WiN OSX | 20 Mb
Denise audio has released Bad Tape, described as "a tape harming effect plugin". Its focus is on creating extreme tape artifacts. The inspiration for Bad Tape came from denise team member Enrico 'nrec' Tiberi.


CableGuys ShaperBox v2.0.1 WiN
CableGuys ShaperBox v2.0.1 WiN | 9 Mb
Five powerful Cableguys effects in one plugin. For modern mixes and infinite inspiration. With five powerful Cableguys effects - TimeShaper 2, VolumeShaper 6, FilterShaper Core 2, PanShaper 3 and WidthShaper 2 - ShaperBox 2 creates amazing musical, rhythmic effects and helps solve complex mix problems.


Antares Auto-Tune Pro v9.1.0 WiN
Antares Auto-Tune Pro v9.1.0 WiN | 109 Mb
Auto-Tune Pro is the most complete and advanced edition of Auto-Tune. It includes both Auto Mode, for real-time pitch correction and effects, and Graph Mode, for detailed pitch and time editing.


IK Multimedia Spaceport 77 Sound Content HYBRiD
IK Multimedia Spaceport 77 Sound Content HYBRiD | 2.32 Gb
Sci-fi-inspired analog keyboard sounds designed for use with SampleTank 4. Expand your sound collection with two iconic synthesizers from long, long ago, to create sounds far, far away from the ordinary. The new Spaceport '77 Collection welcomes two familiar keyboard characters, the OB-1 and CP-30 to give your tracks some '70s and '80s sci-fi flavor.


IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 v4.0.9 WiN  OSX
IK Multimedia SampleTank 4 v4.0.9 WiN / OSX | 672 Mb / 690 Mb
The new SampleTank 4 has been re-designed from the ground up to be every musician's "go to" workstation for music creation, with a completely new rescalable interface, a massively expanded sample library and a new cutting-edge sound engine with efficient disk streaming, to deliver more powerful music creation tools than you ever imagined. What might usually take dozens of plug-ins can be accomplished right inside SampleTank 4, for lightning-fast workflow that keeps your inspiration going.


Zero-G Sequential Signals MULTiFORMAT
Zero-G Sequential Signals MULTiFORMAT | 892 Mb
Zero-G Sequential Signals loop library features a collection of cinematic sequences aimed at TV and motion picture scoring, that will fit the genres of action, drama, suspense, sci-fi and more. Game and app sound producers will also find the content useful as a source of inspiration or "out-of-the-box" melodic layers.


Toontrack EZmix 2 v2.1.5 WiN
Toontrack EZmix 2 v2.1.5 WiN | 29 Mb
Following the success of Toontrack's EZmix, the new and completely overhauled EZmix 2 continues to build on the same fundamental idea: having pro-designed effect chains for instruments and channels found in every recording session combined in one powerful mixing tool. With the vast collection of ready-made presets, mixing music is not only easy and incredibly fast - you end up with results second to none.


ToonTrack EZdrummer v2.1.8 WiN
ToonTrack EZdrummer v2.1.8 WiN | 50 Mb
EZdrummer 2 takes drum production to a whole new level. It was designed to erase any technical barrier between you and your creativity and introduces several groundbreaking features for quick and easy songwriting. In EZdrummer 2, you can go from initial rhythmic idea to finished, mixed and customized drum track without ever leaving the program.


Soundiron Voice Of Wind Adey v1.1 KONTAKT
Soundiron Voice Of Wind Adey v1.1 KONTAKT | 1.55 Gb
Voice Of Wind: Adey is the first volume in our modular female solo vocal series Voices Of Wind. Each volume focuses on a new vocalist with a distinct creative style and comes complete with a full package of vital chromatic and melodic articulations that sound great and are easy and convenient to use in any music or video production project that comes your way.


Soundiron Hyperion Strings Elements v1.0.0 KONTAKT
Soundiron Hyperion Strings Elements v1.0.0 KONTAKT | 9.61 Gb
Hyperion Strings Elements is a universal string ensemble library built for everyone. It was recorded with uncompromising engineering precision and then hand-edited and carefully balanced to achieve a new benchmark in quality and playability. It's made for Native Instruments' free Kontakt Player and the NKS Standard.

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