Intel Quartus Prime Standard Edition 18.1 v18.1.0.625 (x64)


Intel Quartus Prime Standard Edition 18.1 v18.1.0.625 (x64)

Intel Quartus Prime Standard Edition 18.1 v18.1.0.625 (x64) | 2.19 GB

Software Altera Quartus Prime or recently Intel Quartus Prime everything that you need to design with Altera PLDs, including FPGAs, SoCs, and CPLDs provides for you. This is a complete development kit that comes with a user-friendly graphical interface and better technology releases and to help you in your ideas into reality. Software design based on Altera Quartus Prime is available in three versions: Pro, Standard and Lite Edition

Features and amenities Altera Quartus Prime:
-Qsys: the next generation system integration tool. This saves considerable time and effort in the FPGA design process is.
-Powerplay Power Analyzer: the ability to estimate the consumption of the initial design concept through implementation
-System Console: system-level debugging tool that helps you speed the debugging FPGA designs in real-time to pay.
-Synthesis: a new synthesis engine, a new language parser will merge into the application. The parser, RTL designers can view Improved language.
-External memory interface tool for identifying calibration issues and measuring the margins for each DQS signal is used.
-DSP Builder: Tools for seamless connectivity between MATLAB / Simulink and Quartus II software
-SoCEDS: a set of development tools, utilities for SoC FPGA development software
-Evaluate the performance of high-speed serial links

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7, 8.1, 10 (64 bit)
Minimum Disk Space: 33 GB
Recommended Physical RAM: 512 MB - 8 GB (depends on the family of chips)
Description : Development environment for FPGA, CPLD firm Intel.

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